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The s2Member® Framework is an extremely versatile and powerful (free) membership management plugin for WordPress®. The s2Member® Framework plugin integrates seamlessly with PayPal® Standard Buttons (very easy), and fully supports recurring billing, with the ability to track affiliate commissions on a recurring basis (through your choice of many affiliate platforms). s2Member® supports custom Pages for registration; including Custom Registration/Profile Fields, account access, and a whole lot more! See expanding features below.

Install the s2Member® plugin today for an instant membership solution, and completely free!

PayPal® Standard Button Integration

PayPal® Pro Form Integration (Most Popular)

Authorize.Net® Pro Form Integration (Also Popular)

Google Checkout® Button Integration

ClickBank® Button Integration

Membership Functionalities

Content Restriction Functionalities

File Download Restriction Functionalities

Mass Update and Import/Export Functionalities

Plugins and Widgets for s2Member®

Mailing List Functionalities

Affiliate Management and Tracking Compatibilities

Social Networking and Forum Compatibilities

Developer-Friendly Features

Multisite Networking Functionalities

Download s2member Framework plugin [Free Version]

s2Member® Pro is a professional (and extremely versatile) membership management solution for WordPress®.

This premium WordPress® membership plugin is a paid upgrade for the s2Member® Framework, which is free.

s2Member® Pro comes pre-integrated with additional payment gateways. PayPal® Pro integration is the most popular, allowing your site to accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, Maestro/Solo (from UK shoppers). Customers never leave your site! s2Member® Pro Forms also support PayPal® Express Checkout; for customers who prefer to pay with PayPal®.

Enjoy the financial benefits of on-site credit card processing with s2Member’s PayPal® Pro Forms, PayPal® Pro Form Generators, Authorize.Net® AIM/ARB integrations (also w/ Pro Forms), Google® Checkout, ClickBank®, advanced User Import/Export tools, Pro Form Coupon Codes, Pro Login Widgets (plus Profile Summary) and other enhancements; such as support for UNLIMITED Membership Levels and custom Thank-You pages.

Everything that works in the free version of s2Member®, continues to work in s2Member® Pro. Site owners benefit from the additional tools and features made available by this upgrade, without completely re-designing their site or learning something entirely new all over again. s2Member® Pro Forms even support WordPress® Shortcodes, making on-site credit card processing easier than ever — Anyone can do this! ~ Best of all, s2Member® Pro is affordable.


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WP Eclipse Link Cloaker Download

WP Eclipse Link Cloaker

Introducing the Easiest Way to Instantly Cloak, Track And Manage All of Your Affiliate Links And Prevent Lost Commissions


Eclipse Link Cloaker is a WordPress plugin that can automatically cloak all of your affiliate links anywhere on your site. It gives you a lot of control over which links get cloaked, lets you track click statistics to find the best performing links, offers several sophisticated cloaking techniques, and more.


  • Prevent lost commissions by creating cloaked links that conceal your affiliate code. Some visitors don’t trust affiliate links and will remove you affiliate ID before visiting the site in question. Some dishonest individuals will even go so far as to replace your code with their own and steal your commission. Eclipse Link Cloaker will completely eliminate this problem and save you money by automatically converting all the long and ugly affiliate links on your site to short, elegant cloaked links.
  • Improve your earnings by tracking which cloaked links perform well and which need to be modified or replaced. Thanks to the unique Google Analytics integration feature available in this plugin, you will have unparalleled insight into who, when and why clicked on your links. For those who can’t or don’t want to use GA, a simple built-in click tracker is also included. Conversion tracking is also supported.
  • Save yourself time by automatically applying various customizations to all of your links at once. Want your cloaked links to open in a new window? Want to switch the cloaking type from “redirect” to “show in a frame”? How about automatically no-following all the cloaked links to stop search engines from following them? All of that is possible with just a couple of clicks.
  • Discover the untapped potential of your site by automatically turning keywords into affiliate links. With Eclipse Link Cloaker, you can assign one or more keywords to a cloaked link and have the plugin automatically and instantly convert all instances of those keywords it finds on your blog into links.


  • Automatic link cloaking.
    There’s no need to laboriously update all of your posts to use cloaked links. Just install Eclipse Link Cloaker and it will automatically cloak any external links it finds. Of course, if you want more control you can define exceptions or switch to selective cloaking. You can also cloak/uncloak a number of links based on their domain names or create cloaked links manually. The cloaked links will look like this :

    http://yoursite.com/recommends/Link_Text/123 (automatically cloaked links)
    http://yoursite.com/recommends/ExampleProduct/ (user-named cloaked links)
  • Choose where to cloak.
    Cloak only links found inside your posts, or anywhere on your site. Cloaking links in the RSS feed is also supported.
  • Multiple cloaking types.
    Use a plain redirect, show the cloaked link inside a frame, redirect while hiding your referer information, and more.
  • Turn keywords into links.
    Assign one or more keywords to a cloaked link, and the plugin will automatically scan your blog for those keywords and turn them into links. You can set the max. number of automatically inserted links per post, exclude specific posts, use custom CSS styles, and more.
  • Advanced click statistics.
    Use the powerful Google Analytics system to track clicks on your cloaked links. If you don’t use GA, no problem – as a fall-back, Eclipse Cloaker also includes a basic built-in click tracker. You can also have the plugin generate a “tracking pixel” code and use it to track conversions.
  • Easily apply common customizations.
    Make all cloaked links open in a new window, add rel=”nofollow” to stop search engines from following your cloaked links, or change the cloaked URL with just a few clicks.
  • Compatible with all browsers.
    Making your site compatible with all of the popular browsers is important if you want to reach a wide audience. The cloaked links created by the Eclipse Link Cloaker don’t use JavaScript or complex CSS styles, so they will work even for visitors with outdated browsers.
  • Get free, automatic upgrades.
    Whenever a new version comes out, the plugin will automatically notify you on your WordPress dashboard and let you install the upgrade with a single click.

Note : While the plugin works great for normal links, it does not cloak Flash ads, links created by JavaScript, and IFrames. This means that, for example, it can’t be used to cloak Google AdSense ads.


  • WordPress 2.8 or later, self-hosted
  • PHP 4.3.0 or later
  • MySQL 4.0 or later
  • (Optional) The mod_rewrite module for Apache

The current version of Eclipse Link Cloaker is 1.3.1. It is fully compatible with the latest version of WordPress 3.5


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WP Zon Builder V2.5a1 WP Amazon Plugin Build Affiliate Sites

WP Zon Builder V2.5a1 WP Amazon Plugin Build Affiliate Sites
WP Zon Builder V2.5a1 WP Amazon Plugin Build Affiliate Sites


WP Zon Builder is Simple to use – even for the Beginner (See video), but it’s packed with many Powerful Features for the more advanced user.

If you want something Simple and Quick to post products to your website, we make it very Easy.  But, if you want or need more – we have more.  You may never need all these features, but they are there for you.  See the long list of Features below.

  • Easily Add Amazon Products to New or Existing Site
  • Create Hundreds Of Posts In Minutes
  • Build Unlimited Sites
  • Easily Search Amazon For Products
  • 90 Day Amazon cookie option with Add to Cart
  • Scheduled Product Posting Feature – Drip or Auto post products over time
  • Integrates With Amazon Associate Program (In all Approved Countries)
  • Time Stamp and Disclaimer link after the Sale Price
  • Online Tutorials available 24/7
  • Step-by-Step Instructions
  • Designed to work with WordPress Themes
  • Product Image Galleries
  • Sidebar Widget for Similar Products
  • Sidebar Widget for Accessories
  • Sidebar Widget for Categories
  • Inline Single product listing
  • Inline Multi product listings
  • Link Cloaking
  • On Site Shopping Cart (optional)
  • Add YouTube Video Reviews
  • Google Rich Snippets Star Rater
  • Very Flexible/Configurable
  • Auto Updating for Pricing and Product info
  • Customizable – Easily Add to or Edit any page
  • Powerful Template System
  • Easily build Custom Templates based on existing Templates
  • Custom Field Mapping
  • Instant Download 24/7
  • Professional Look and Feel
  • Adaptable To Other Languages
  • Display Product Images from Amazon
  • Optional Fancybox Image Galleries
  • Display Amazon Customer Reviews in Pages or Posts
  • Integrates With Other Plugins
  • All-In-One SEO Pack Integration
  • WordPress plugin
  • Duplicate Post Checking
  • Easy to use Admin Panel
  • Comprehensive Product Details
  • Filter Products without Images
  • Keyword Based Searches
  • Category Based Searches
  • Browse Node Based Searches
  • Bulk ASIN Product Posting
  • Click Reporting
  • Auto-Bolding
  • Buttons
  • Automatic Post Tagging
  • Use Amazon’s Editorial Reviews
  • Add a Store or product directory to non-wordpress sites

Display Amazon Products On Your Site
Easily add Amazon products to any WordPress-powered website in just a few clicks. The plugin integrates with Amazon’s affiliate program, so you can get paid a commission whenever you refer a sale.


Create Hundreds Of Posts In Minutes
Save time by posting many products all at once. You can create both WordPress Posts and WordPress Pages. You can even choose to schedule posts to be created at some time in the future – just enter something like “+1 year”, “+4 weeks”, etc. in the date box. This will schedule the posts to be automatically created in the future. This way, you can have thousands of products automatically added to your site over time.


Easily Search Amazon For Products
Easily search for products to add to your site. Specify a category, keywords, filtering options, and the order the results should be returned.


Add Amazon Products To Any Post
Add Amazon products to any standard post using the inline product feature. You can display just a single product, or multiple products. When displaying multiple products, the results will always be pulled live from Amazon, so you can enter a specific search query, and if the results for that query change on Amazon, the changes will be reflected on your site as well.


Customer Reviews In Your Product Posts Or Pages
You can choose to display user reviews of Amazon products on your site in an iFrame.  People are much more likely to buy a product after reading customer feedback.

Amazon does an excellent job of showing the most helpful reviews.

Customer Reviews from Amazon

Visitors to your WordPress site can also leave their own reviews, with star ratings, through the comment form.


Works With Any Theme Right Out Of The Box
WP Zon Builder will work with any theme. There is never any need to modify your theme or write any code.

Integrates With Amazon Associate Program (Any Country)
WP Zon Builder can put your Amazon Associate Program ID in all links back to Amazon, so you get commissions for all sales referred to Amazon. WP Zon Builder works with all the international versions of the Amazon Associate Program (United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Japan). You do not have to be in the US or sign up for Amazon’s US Associate Program to use WP Zon Builder. In fact, you can use WP Zon Builder without signing up for Amazon’s Associate Program at all – you just won’t get commissions on sales you refer.

Sidebar Widgets
Sidebar widgets are included to dipslay Similar Products, Product Accessories, and existing posts in a specified category.


General utility widgets to display an image, display an “about” me box, display a specified amount of blank space, display content from a post or page, or display a YouTube video.

Click Reporting
Find out which products are getting the most clicks and where to better focus your marketing efforts. Easily view a log of all clicks you’ve sent to Amazon. You can search the report by ASIN (Amazon ID), the page on your site that sent the click, or the product title. You can easily export your Click Reports to Excel or another spreadsheet program using phpMyAdmin.

Powerful SEO Options: Link Cloaking, All-In-One SEO Pack Integration, rel=’nofollow’, RDFa Microformats, Auto-Bolding
WP Zon Builder can automatically make your links to Amazon cloaked and SEO-friendly. The plugin also integrates with All-In-One SEO Pack and can optionally populate your All-In-One SEO Pack title, description, and keywords fields. RDFa/Rich Snippets support allows search engines to display rating, price, and other pertinent information about content on your site directly in the SERPs. Auto-Bolding allows you to specify keywords in product descriptions that are automatically bolded.


Multiple Associate Program IDs Across One Site
If you wish, you can specify a different Associate ID for each category, or each post. If you ever need to switch Associate IDs, you can easily change the Associate ID for all of your posts with just a few clicks.

Integrates With Other Plugins
Why limit yourself to Amazon products? Using phpOStock, phpBay, Auction2Post, and other plugins you can display products from Overstock.com, eBay, and more. You can integrate WP Zon Builder with any of these plugins, as well as any other plugin that makes use of shortcodes.


Choose a button to send your visitors to Amazon with. 8 buttons are included, and you can easily add more by uploading your own. Add buttons that link to both the Product Information page on Amazon and the Add To Cart page on Amazon. With the Add To Cart button, users can add products to their Amazon cart directly from your website.


Custom Field Mapping
You can map data returned by AWS to a WordPress specific custom field. For example, if your theme uses a custom field called thumbnail that contains the URL of a thumbnail image to be associated with the post, you could map it to the amzn_SmallImageURL custom field WP Zon Builder creates. Watch this video for a more in-depth explanation. For advanced users, WP Zon Builder can also map fields to the post content and post excerpt.

Powerful Template System
More advanced users can easily change the look and feel of the posts generated by WP Zon Builder by editing the template files and their associated images. The template files are plain HTML, and can very easily be edited and styled, even if you know only know the basics of HTML.

Data Expiry/Cache
With the optional data expiry feature enabled, product data older than a specified age will automatically be refreshed with the most recent data from Amazon. You can optionally choose fields that are excluded from the data refreshing process, e.g. to edit the product description with your own custom content but continually keep the product pricing and availability information updated.


Very Flexible/Configurable
Many settings are available to configure WP Zon Builder.


Easily Translate To Another Language
You aren’t forced to build English-language sites – you can translate all of the language WP Zon Builder uses in the admin area and in template files.

Automatic Post Tagging
Automatically tagging posts with their Amazon tags, generating tags based on the title, filtering out certain words, and require tags to be at least a certain length is an important part of SEO.


Add YouTube Video Reviews
Easily include YouTube video reviews in Amazon product posts.


Optional Fancybox Image Galleries
Optionally display a gallery of product thumbnail images. Clicking on a thumbnail will open the full-size image in a lightbox.
Click here to see video.




Duplicate Checking
Avoid posting the same products to your site twice with the built-in duplicate checker.

Get A New Amazon Associate ID? Want to change the Associate ID for a single post?
No problem. You can change Associate IDs for an individual post, or for your whole site. You can even use multiple IDs at one time.

Use Amazon’s Editorial Reviews
Optionally, you can use Amazon’s Editorial Review of a product on your site, as opposed to the shorter and more basic Product Description provided by Amazon.


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DVin WooCommerce Wishlist WP Plugin

DVin WooCommerce Wishlist WP Plugin


Customer Features

  • Allow user to choose whether to allow their Wishlist to be displayed publicly or kept private
  • Easily share Wishlists with friends and family using Email, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest
    • Advanced settings to define messages and images that the user shares via email and social
  • Each Wishlist is given its own unique URL that is displayed to the user
  • Effective when used in a full e-commerce site or is able to be used with WooCommerce checkout disabled
    • Non-cart enabled uses might be: event or equipment rentals, luxury goods, assembling a dream collection of products, or basically any item that is difficult to process the sale online

Visual Display Features

  • Allow the “Add to Wishlist” button to be styled by the theme or define custom text and background button colors
    • Same styling is available for the “Add to Cart” button that is shown on Wishlist page
  • Add custom CSS on settings page

Administrative Features

  • On single product page, choose from 3 different places for the “Add to Wishlist” button to display:
    • After “Add to Cart” button
    • After product thumbnail
    • After product summary

    User can choose “Use Shortcode” to display where he/she wants using shortcode [dvin-wcwl-button].

  • On Wishlist page choose whether user gets redirected to cart upon adding a product to their cart, or stays on Wishlist page
  • Supports product variations
  • Translation-ready


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Woocommerce Product Add-ons

Woocommerce Product Add-ons
Woocommerce Product Add-ons

update 2013/10/25 v2.4.3

With the Woocommerce Product Add-ons extension, gift messages, donations, laser engraving and any other product which may require user input in some way is now an option for your customers!

Product add-ons supports require fields, textarea, checkboxes, selectboxes and file uploads.

Add-ons can be added from the edit product page – they can be named described, re-ordered and optionally given prices which will automatically be added to the product price if chosen by the customer.

Once set up they will appear on products just above the add to cart form:

Add-ons add to cart form


Sales Page:



*** Product Addons Changelog ***

2013.10.10 – version 2.4.3
* Added min attribute when min is 0

2013.10.10 – version 2.4.2
* Prevent negative multiplier

2013.10.10 – version 2.4.1
* get_product_addons filter






update 2013/10/25 v2.4.3



The Product Add-ons for WooCommerce Extension is available under the GPL V3 License. If you need support, please consider purchasing it directly from WooThemes.

Woocommerce Product CSV Import Suite

Woocommerce Product CSV Import Suite
Woocommerce Product CSV Import Suite

Update 2013/10/30 v1.8.1

Mass import hundreds, even thousands of Products into your WooCommerce store with the CSV Import suite. Woocommerce Product CSV Import suite lets you import all types of products, even product variations!

This user-friendly importer, with clear step-by-step instructions helps you import Categories, Tags, Products and other Product details into WooCommerce. CSV Import suite supports:

  • Importing text based product data – prices, descriptions, images etc
  • Import custom fields (meta), taxonomies, attributes and more
  • Importing product variations
  • Merging products – useful for adding more information to existing products
  • Exporting products and variations – the exported CSV is even re-importable!

After uploading your CSVs you will have to change to remap your fields for extra flexibility:
woocommerce csv import suite free


*** Product CSV Import Suite Changelog ***

2013.10.29 – version 1.8.1
* Prevent gzip
* Return errors in fetch_remote_file

2013.10.22 – version 1.8.0
* Check for 404 on image fetch
* Removed url_remap code – unused
* Moved thumbnail regeneration to the end of import to reduce risk of failed imports





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Woocommerce Product CSV Import Suite Update 2013/10/30 v1.8.1

The Woocommerce Product CSV Import Suite is available under the GPL V3 License. If you need support, please consider purchasing it directly from WooThemes.

Google Plus Automation Plugin For WordPress Free Download

Google Plus Automation WordPress Plugin



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