ActiveCollab Corporate v3.2.9 Nulled

ActiveCollab Corporate v3.2.9 Nulled


A Project Collaboration Hub for Your Team

The days when your project data was scattered across different email messages and accounts; instant messenger chat transcripts; spreadsheets and other documents are gone. Now you can bring order to the chaos and have a central place where you can organize and manage all of your projects.

Having all project data in one, centralized system is valuable to every project manager and every team:

  • Everyone knows where to get the most up to date information
  • Errors due to miscommunication are less frequent because activeCollab keeps everyone on the same page
  • Collaboration and notification tools are built right into your workflow
Mobile Interface

People, Roles and Permissions

Project collaboration works only if you have everyone involved. Gather your team to work together, discuss projects and tasks, exchange files and more. Plus, include clients, contractors, suppliers and everyone else you are working with, while still having full control over what they can see and do.

  • Unlimited number of users that you can invite
  • Role based permissions system that gives you full control
  • Non-admin users can only see projects that they are working on
  • Define which project sections each user has access to
  • Simply mark any project data as private to make sure that it is visible to your team, but not to your clients
Data Privacy

Personalized Home Screen

Everyone involved in a project has a different role and different needs. Clients typically want a brief overview of their project. Managers need tools to help them monitor progress across multiple projects and teams. Employees want simple lists of their tasks, access to reminders and a schedule they can easily follow. Which is why activeCollab allows users to personalize and configure their own home screens and optimize them for their needs.

  • Personalize your activeCollab home screen with tabs and widgets
  • Pre-configure your home screen based on particular user role, so you can have different home screen settings for clients, employees, partners, etc.
  • Extend your personalization even further by adding widgets released by third parties, on top of those that ship with activeCollab
Home Screen

  • HTML root element uses language code based on user’s language
  • Link in email notifications for downloading PDF version of a quote doesn’t require login
  • Improved performance of People page for users who have a lot of accounts defined in their system
  • When milestone is moved from one project to another, system will also move archived tasks, discussions and files that belong to that milestone
  • Email notifications for tasks now show task’s due date (if set)
  • Big email replies are imported as attachments
  • Improved instructions for Scheduled Tasks setup on Windows

Bug Fixes:

  • When user is removed from a project (or replaced), reminders that belong to that user are cleaned up as well
  • Fixed multiple translation issues
  • Fixed styling on project budget page
  • Outline properly displays task category when Edit form is opened
  • Fixed issue that caused double activity log entries when file was uploaded via API
  • Fixed issue with commit path in Source module
  • Fixed creation date display for recurring profiles
  • Fixed issue with Recent Activities page in mobile interface
  • Removed navigation block and Complete option from trashed objects in mobile interface
  • Fixed a minor problem with invoice issuing form
  • Fixed issue with project template not being imported after a project based on quote or project request is created
  • Fixed issue where Notify People box in forms in Documents section also listed archived users
  • Fixed error during project creating step when quote items had to be converted into project milestones
  • Fixed minor issue with discussion details loading
  • Fixed crash report when tracking report was executed, but there was no tasks module installed
  • Improved email notifications so they display properly in vast majority of email clients
  • Fixed time zone issue in Day Overview widget


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