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Post Affiliate Pro Features

Post Affiliate Pro contains hundreds of features, and we are constantly adding new features and updates. You can track all changes in Post Affiliate Pro directly in our Change log, and you can review features under development, or submit your feature requests directly, in our task database

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User Interface

Post Affiliate Pro 4 has a unique and revolutionary user interface. In this section, we will try to list the most important features of the user interface implemented in Post Affiliate Pro 4.

Multilingual support

Post Affiliate Pro is a truly multilingual application. Currently it is translated into  16 languages, with new languages added every month. Your affiliates will be able to use the application in their native language, while easily understanding the available options and features.

The first thing that you’ll notice in the new version is its revolutionary, new user interface. Our Blue Aero theme looks and behaves like a desktop application, with support for a start button & menu, a sidebar, gadgets and quick launch.

Post Affiliate Pro allows you to choose among several predesigned themes concerning the merchant and affiliate panel, or you can create a custom theme based on your corporate design.

Post Affiliate Pro is truly a Web 2.0 web application. It is based on new, modern framework known as GwtPHP, which covers communication between the client (javascript running in browser) and server (php application).

An easily customizable signup form and affiliate panel allows you to tailor the application to compliment the look and feel of your corporate website design.


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