WP Views Plugin v1.2 by WP Types

WP Views Plugin v1.2 by WP Types

WP Views by wp types lets you build complete WordPress sites quickly and efficiently. It loads content from the database and displays it any way you choose.

WP Views – Display WordPress Content without Coding

Using WP Views, you’ll be able to develop sites faster and easier. Create impressive functionality in minutes and go from concept to final site in hours.
Version 1.2
– Fixed Views filter appears to have a problem with Asian characters – allow asian characters in values
– Fixed Change the order of View results – allow adding aditional manual sorting
– Fixed The default option not working for Select type fields
– Fixed Filter controls: There is no way to set Default label for taxonomies, only for custom fields
– Fixed Fix generation of table header layout Meta HTML
– Fixed Debug to console is not working in WP 3.5
– Fixed Some items in the V popup are centered and some not
– Fixed Passing arguments using views short code attribute – fix for example text
– Fixed Both in frontend and backend: Calendar always shows in english, even with another default language – fixed frontend
– Fixed Open_basedir restriction in effect when exporting
– Fixed View not get correct translated CPT slug in LOOP
– Fixed Archive View settings still in effect after changing View to Normal
– Fixed Search filter mixes specific and visitor modes
– Fixed Archive views not working when no posts found
– New Syntax highlighter in Views Meta HTML and View Templates editor
– New Add a media section to the View edit
– New Add CSS editor to Views and View templates
– New Add JS editor to Views and View templates
– New Make meta HTML, CSS and JS boxes open-state persistent
– New Export CSS, JS and images
– New Add View template name to body classes
– New Check if we receive a complete form when editing Views
– New Raw output for [wpv-post-featured-image]
– New Shortcode for get_currentuserinfo()
– New Add [wpv-current-user] to wpv-if processing
– New Shortcode for bloginfo()
– New Shortcode for get_post_type_archive_link($post_type)
– New Add taxonomy shortcodes to shortcodes-in-shortcodes



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