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Version 1.7.6 Changelog:
– Fixed “ob_clean(): failed to delete buffer” notice thrown in export
– Fixed issue with create_lead() not taking conditional logic into account for calculation fields
– Fixed issue with addon framework’s checkbox fields onclick attribute
– Added JS hook: gform_conditional_logic_fields, allows filtering which fields are avialable for conditional logic (and adding custom fields)
– Added JS hook: gform_conditional_logic_operators, allows filtering which conditional logic operators are avialable for the selected field
– Added JS hook: gform_conditional_logic_values_input, allows filtering the input provided for the conditional logic comparison value
– Various modifications in the conditional logic functions found in form_admin.js to better support the new filters
– Added entry meta to conditional logic for confirmations and notifications
– Added gform_entry_meta_conditional_logic_confirmations and gform_entry_meta_conditional_logic_notifications so the entry meta filters can be modified depending on their context
– Fixed typo in GetLabel function when testing for “undefined”, was “undefind”
– Fixed issue where not specifying a field label could at times throw javascript errors (merge tags)
– Updated merge tag list in admin to use admin label if one exists
– Fixed issue where the database wasn’t being updated on every site when updating a network activated install of Gravity Forms, causing forms to display an error after updating
– Fixed issue with quantity drop down when “enhanced interface” is enabled not calculating the total correctly
– Fixed issue with limiting form entries per day not validating the form properly
– Added an Add-On Framework to provide tools for developers when creating new Gravity Forms Add-Ons


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