Responsive YouTube Video Tab for WooCommerce v1.1

Responsive YouTube Video Tab for WooCommerce

Video has been proven to increase e-commerce conversion rates – YouTube tab for WooCommerce gives you a simple and effective way of including a YouTube video on your product pages.

No messing around with embed code – simply copy and paste the YouTube URL in to the plugin meta box on your product page and away you go – have a YouTube video added to your product in 10 seconds! A simple and very effective plugin – a must have for any WooCommerce users! View our demo and screenshots to see just how simple this is.

YouTube Video Tab for WooCommerce is responsive, meaning it adapts to different screen sizes and has a small footprint.


DEMO Page:



The plugin is available under the GPLV3 License. If you need support, please consider purchasing it directly from Codecanyon.

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