Thesis 2.1 by

Thesis 2.1 by

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BREAKING: We just released Thesis 2.1, and it’s fully compatible with WordPress 3.6! (Thesis rocks its socks off, actually.)

What Are the “Big Wins” in Thesis 2.1?

Before I go into mind-expanding detail, I’d like to share the 3 big wins in this new version.

The first big win involves simplification. After years of working with every web development tool under the sun, I had to ask myself: “Why aren’t these tools in the one place you really need them—your website?”

Well, now they are.

We have united the various tools needed for web development inside the browser, freeing you from the need to have a text editor and FTP client just to work on your site.

To eliminate the need for an external text editor, we created a new Custom CSS screen that includes syntax highlighting, find/replace capabilities, and a live site preview that will have you wondering how you ever lived without it.


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