Appthemes Grid Child Theme v2.3.1 for Classipress

Appthemes Grid Child Theme for Classipress

The Grid child theme provides you with another option for displaying ads.

With the child theme installed, users can quickly toggle from the standard list view and an attractive grid layout.

Grid child theme use the core ClassiPress function css and.
so you will never have to change anything after installed

Key Features

  • Displays ads in a grid layout (default option).
  • Let’s end-users toggle between grid layout and standard list view.
  • Layout – grid or list – stays consistent from page to page. You get the same view on the home page, search pages, category pages and more.
  • Uses the ClassiPress color chooser. Change colors to suite your desire.
  •  Full Featured Slider Pictures
  • Full Responsive
  • Easy installation


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