Sitemile Project v1.3.9 WordPress Bidding Theme

Sitemile Project WordPress Bidding Theme

Project Theme for WordPress is the ONLY theme on the internet that allows you to setup a project bidding website or a chores website. With a great pack of features, payment methods and plug and play functionality, Project Theme is the best solution for most of a project bidding websites you want to build. A perfect turn key solution to launch afreelance website or a chores website in minutes.


New Features And Fixes

  • Portfolio Pictures – all users(service providers) can now have an image gallery to showcase their previous work.
  • Email on message board – receive email notification when a message is posted on project message board
  • Private Message Pagination – pagination of inbox and outbox for private messages
  • Winner Email missing amount bug fixed
  • Search for users in backend fixed.
  • Several bugs fixed in user profile based on user type
  • Orders bugs fixed in admin backend
  • Mark Delivered/Mark Completed of orders from backend
  • Other numerous bug fixes

List of modified files

  • ProjectTheme/functions.php
  • ProjectTheme/style.css
  • ProjectTheme/taxonomy.php
  • ProjectTheme/archive-project.php
  • ProjectTheme/latest-projects.php
  • ProjectTheme/single-project.php
  • ProjectTheme/header.php
  • ProjectTheme/lib/user-profile.php
  • ProjectTheme/lib/admin_menu.php
  • ProjectTheme/lib/advanced_search.php
  • ProjectTheme/lib/post_new.php
  • ProjectTheme/lib/my-upload.php
  • ProjectTheme/lib/bidding-panel.php
  • ProjectTheme/lib/message-board.php
  • ProjectTheme/lib/user-feedback.php
  • ProjectTheme/lib/first_run_emails.php
  • ProjectTheme/lib/post_new_post.php
  • ProjectTheme/lib/first_run.php
  • ProjectTheme/lib/uploadify/uploady8.php – added file
  • ProjectTheme/lib/uploadify/uploady2.php
  • ProjectTheme/lib/my_account/* – all files (except a few)
  • ProjectTheme/lib/login_register/register.php
  • ProjectTheme/lib/gateways/credits_listing.php
  • ProjectTheme/lib/gateways/moneybookers_listing_response.php
  • ProjectTheme/lib/gateways/paypal_listing.php
  • ProjectTheme/lib/wdigets/best-rated-users.php
  • ProjectTheme/css/menu.css



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All sitemile wordpress theme only current version, no update available.

This theme is available under the GPLV3 License. If you need support, please consider purchasing it directly from the developer’s site.

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