WooCommerce Email Inquiry Ultimate by a3rev Nulled

WooCommerce Email Inquiry Ultimate by a3rev


WooCommerce Email Inquiry Ultimate


  • Use Gravity Forms to create custom Contact Forms
  • Use Contact Form 7 to create custom Contact Forms.
  • Create a Global Email Inquiry form that applies to all products.
  • Create unique forms and add to any product.
  • Open the form by Ajax on page (we use that here for pre-sales questions)

**** WooCommerce Email Inquiry Ultimate Changelog ****

= 1.0.4 – 2013/08/09 =
* Features:
* After making the new WooCommerce Quick View plugin we are able to use the pop-up code that we wrote for that plugins Quick View pop-up to be able use it to add the Open 3RD Party form by pop-up feature.
* 3RD Party Contact Form open in pop-up feature applies to Product Page and Grid View.
* 3RD Party Contact Form UI. Added custom template for 3rd contact form. The form always shows well in the pop-up. Automatically uses the site content background for the form background. Looks great.
* 3RD Party Contact Form open ‘on new page’ new option – Open page in the same window default setting is open page in new window).
* Default Contact Form new open option on Product pages – Open default contact form ‘on page’. Use ajax to show and hide the contact form on click. Makes for a very slick presentation.
* Default Contact Form new options for ‘Email Pop-up Font Styling’. Use WYSIWYG settings to set the default pop-ups Font type (choose from 17 web safe fonts), size, style and colour.
* Tweaks:
* Tested for full compatibility with WordPress v3.6.0
* Tested for full compatibility with new Gravity Forms v1.7.7
* Fixes:
* Fixed script validate email for default contact form. Old script conflicted with WordPress 3.6.0 jQuery 1.10.2. Conflict caused the popup tools to break.
* Added box-sizing:content-box class attribute for compatibility with new WordPress Twenty Thirteen default theme.


Sales Page:




v1.0.4 nulled



This Woocommerce Extensions is available under the GPLV3 License. If you need support, please consider purchasing it directly from the developer’s site.

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