Download WooCommerce for BuddyPress v1.3.2

WooCommerce BuddyPress Download

Download WooCommerce for BuddyPress Integration v1.3.2

= v1.3.2 =
* fixed a small bug in the cart url after “add to cart” the “View Cart” link was broken.

= v1.3.1 =
* This is a ute update to the 1.3.1 stable version!!!!
* Renamed functions and prefixed everything with wc4bp
* Add update notification and license keys
* Fixed some more bugs in the new 1.3 features.
* should be stable enough now for life usage 😉
* add 2 new shortcodes for my_downloads and my_recent_orders

= v1.3 beta 2 =
* fixed several small bugs reported by users

= v1.3 beta 1 =
* Add a new admin interface to turn off Tabs
* Add a new feature to add other WooCommerce pages to the shop in member profiles.
* fixed several small bugs reported by users


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