Puzzles WordPress Magazine/Review with WooC v3.2

Puzzles WordPress Magazine Review with WooC

Puzzles WordPress Magazine/Review with WooC v3.2 Download


23.12.2013 Version 3.2 – Update

– Now images in the blog excerpt & fullpost are the links to the posts
– Social links in widget Social are opening in a new window
– In the posts of the type Link, the first link inside the post is being checked for the parameter “target”; if post contains it – the parameter is being added to the result link
– Parameter “rel” is added into the shortcode [button], so that the button url can open in the pop-up window “prettyPhoto”
– Now in the shortcodes [blogger] and [slider] when specifying several categories via comma, it is possible to select posts not only from these categories, but also from the inserted ones
– The bug that prevented from the display of the streampage in BuddyPress 1.9 is fixed
– Display of names of the months is fixed in the shortcode [blogger] for non-english websites



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