Woocommerce Stripe Gateway Plugin

Woocommerce Stripe

 UPDATE 2013/11/7 v1.7.2

Take Credit card payments easily and directly on your store

The Stripe plugin extends WooCommerce allowing you to take payments directly on your store via Stripe’s API.

Stripe is a simple way to accept payments online. With Stripe you can accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Diners Club cards directly on your store. Stripe has no setup fees, no monthly fees, no hidden costs: you only get charged when you earn money! Earnings are transferred to your bank account on a 7 day rolling basis.

Stripe is currently only available in the US and only works with US Dollars, however, the folks at Stripe state that they are working on adding non-US support in the future.

Stripe supports the Subscriptions extension.

Stripe also supports re-using cards. When a customer pays, they are setup in stripe as a customer. If they create another order they will be able to checkout using the same card. A massive timesaver for returning customers.

=== WooCommerce Stripe Gateway ===

A payment gateway for Stripe (https://stripe.com/). A Stripe account and a server with SSL support/a valid SSL certificate is required (for security reasons) for this gateway to function.

== Important Note ==

You *must* enable SSL from the settings panel to use this plugin in a live environment – this is for your customers safety and security.


*** Stripe Changelog ***

2013.11.01 – version 1.7.2
* Added missing global in update_failing_payment_method

2013.09.28 – version 1.7.1
* Remove non-existant (yet) function

2013.09.25 – version 1.7.0
* Different credit card image for US than for other countries + a filter.
* Support for upcoming version of subscriptions.
* Add new woocommerce_stripe_month_display filter





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Woocommerce Stripe Gateway Plugin 1.5.1 Free Download


Woocommerce Stripe Gateway Plugin 1.7.2

The Woocommerce Stripe Gateway Plugin is available under the GPL V3 License. If you need support, please consider purchasing it directly from WooThemes.

Woocommerce Compare Products Pro

Woocommerce Compare Products Pro

UPDATE 20/07/2013

Compare Products Pro

Its here, Compare products for WooCommerce! This extension adds a fully featured, enterprise class compare products feature that will complement you site and sell more products for you.

Creates a simple and easy to use compare feature on the front end and silky smooth to set up and manage in the backend.

Advanced backend features like bulk products update from a single page make managing the compare feature across your entire product range a breeze.

Classy front end display will build customer confidence in your site as you make it easy to compare product features. Compare products helps make the buying decision so much easier for your customers.

== Changelog ==

= 2.1.6 – 2013/08/20 =
* Tweaks :
* Tested for full compatibility with WordPress v3.6.0
* Added PHP Public Static to functions in Class. Done so that Public Static warnings don’t show in WP__DEBUG mode.

= 2.1.5 – 2013/06/15 =
* Feature: Added triggers to the end of Ajax actions to allow developers to easily add custom script code to make something after the event has completed.
* Tweak: Added .trigger(“woo_add_product_to_compare_list”, [product_id]);
* Tweak: Added .trigger(“woo_remove_product_from_compare_list”, [remove_product_id]);
* Tweak: Added .trigger(“woo_clear_compare_list”);
* Tweak: Added .trigger(“woo_update_total_compare_list”);
* Tweak: Added .trigger(“woo_popup_remove_product_from_compare_list”, [popup_remove_product_id]);
* Tweak: Added.trigger(“woo_update_compare_popup”);
* Fixed: Compare Features Tab on Product Page, Enable / Disable function. The 2 functions worked but the opposite of what they where supposed to.
* Tweak: Updated support URL link to the plugins a3rev support forum.

= 2.1.4 – 2013/04/26 =
* Fixed: Text colour pickers not saving and displaying the hex number and hex colour in Font Colour, Font Link Colour and Font Hover colour selectors after editing and updating. The bug affected all font colour setting that use theme colours on install. These are the settings show an empty colour selector field on install.

= 2.1.3 – 2013/04/23 =
* Fixed: External / Affiliates link on Compare Window is now backward compatible from WooCommerce Version 2.0. Was showing fatal Error for older versions.

= 2.1.2 – 2013/04/17 =
* Feature: Added when install and activate plugin link redirects to License Key validation page instead of the wp-plugins dashboard.
* Fixed: Compare Feature search, search term is no longer case sensitive.
* Fixed: Updated all JavaScript functions so that the plugin is compatible with jQuery Version1.9 and backwards to version 1.6. WordPress still uses jQuery version 1.8.3. In themes that use Google js Library instead of the WordPress jQuery then there was trouble because Google uses the latest jQuery version 1.9. There are a number of functions in jQuery Version 1.9 that have been depreciated and hence this was causing errors with the jQuery function in the plugin.

= 2.1.1 – 2013/04/10 =
* Fixed: Compare on screen widow not opening in IE9. Missed an _ in command and IE9 don’t recognize space. Thanks to Nicola from yithemes.com for picking that up
* Fixed: Added correct Chosen script URL so admin panel uses plugin chosen script instead of defaulting to WooCommerce Chosen script.




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version: Woocommerce Compare Products Pro v2.0.7



= 2.1.6 – 2013/10/17 =

The Compare Products Pro for WooCommerce Extension is available under the GPL V3 License. If you need support, please consider purchasing it directly from WooThemes.

Woocommerce Product Add-ons

Woocommerce Product Add-ons
Woocommerce Product Add-ons

update 2013/10/25 v2.4.3

With the Woocommerce Product Add-ons extension, gift messages, donations, laser engraving and any other product which may require user input in some way is now an option for your customers!

Product add-ons supports require fields, textarea, checkboxes, selectboxes and file uploads.

Add-ons can be added from the edit product page – they can be named described, re-ordered and optionally given prices which will automatically be added to the product price if chosen by the customer.

Once set up they will appear on products just above the add to cart form:

Add-ons add to cart form


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*** Product Addons Changelog ***

2013.10.10 – version 2.4.3
* Added min attribute when min is 0

2013.10.10 – version 2.4.2
* Prevent negative multiplier

2013.10.10 – version 2.4.1
* get_product_addons filter






update 2013/10/25 v2.4.3



The Product Add-ons for WooCommerce Extension is available under the GPL V3 License. If you need support, please consider purchasing it directly from WooThemes.

Woocommerce Product CSV Import Suite

Woocommerce Product CSV Import Suite
Woocommerce Product CSV Import Suite

Update 2013/10/30 v1.8.1

Mass import hundreds, even thousands of Products into your WooCommerce store with the CSV Import suite. Woocommerce Product CSV Import suite lets you import all types of products, even product variations!

This user-friendly importer, with clear step-by-step instructions helps you import Categories, Tags, Products and other Product details into WooCommerce. CSV Import suite supports:

  • Importing text based product data – prices, descriptions, images etc
  • Import custom fields (meta), taxonomies, attributes and more
  • Importing product variations
  • Merging products – useful for adding more information to existing products
  • Exporting products and variations – the exported CSV is even re-importable!

After uploading your CSVs you will have to change to remap your fields for extra flexibility:
woocommerce csv import suite free


*** Product CSV Import Suite Changelog ***

2013.10.29 – version 1.8.1
* Prevent gzip
* Return errors in fetch_remote_file

2013.10.22 – version 1.8.0
* Check for 404 on image fetch
* Removed url_remap code – unused
* Moved thumbnail regeneration to the end of import to reduce risk of failed imports





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Woocommerce Product CSV Import Suite Update 2013/10/30 v1.8.1

The Woocommerce Product CSV Import Suite is available under the GPL V3 License. If you need support, please consider purchasing it directly from WooThemes.

WooCommerce PayPal Express Plugin

WooCommerce PayPal Express Plugin

Adds an Express Checkout button to your cart page

After the customer adds products to their cart they can go directly from the shopping cart page to PayPal to retrieve their shipping information and authorize payment thus allowing them to skip the traditional WooCommerce checkout process.

After authorising payment via PayPal Express the user is returned to your store to choose shipping and then confirm payment. Easy.

You can also use the PayPal supplied image button or use your own styled button.

Online shoppers love the convenience and security of PayPal, where they can pay from their PayPal balance, debit or credit card, or bank account.


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updated 2013/09/17

The WooCommerce Extension is available under the GPLV3 License. If you need support, please consider purchasing it directly from WooThemes.