Woocommerce MSRP Pricing Extensions v1.4.1 Download

Woocommerce MSRP Pricing

Woocommerce MSRP Pricing Extensions v1.4.1 Download

*** WooCommerce MSRP Pricing ***

2013.10.20 – version 1.4.1
* More consistent strings in admin area
* Coding standard cleanups

2013.07.28 – version 1.4
* MSRP display for variable products on category pages

2013.04.04 – version 1.3.3
* Improved 2.0 Compat

2013.03.08 – version 1.3.2
* Show the MSRP price on grouped product pages in the list table



Display MSRP prices to your customers

The WooCommerce MSRP plugin allows you to record Manufacturer Suggested Retail Prices / Recommended Retail Prices against your products, and have them displayed on the sales pages. This allows your customers to see why it’s a good idea to buy from you.


Sales Page: