Appthemes Quality Control v0.7


0.7 (2013-05-13)
– fixed styling of ticket paragraphs
– fixed assigning user and taxonomies while creating ticket
– fixed incorrect redirect after deleting ticket
– fixed undefined index notice after deactivating repository plugin
– fixed undefined variable notice in the sidebar call
– fixed undefined method QC_Ticket_Status::update_ticket() error
– fixed xml parse error for beanstalk repository
– fixed visibility of tickets per Permissions settings
– fixed quick editing ticket

– improved parsing commit messages, see:
– added recent tickets widget
– added ‘assigned to’ link in project team widget
– added filtering by ‘assigned to’ all tickets pages
– added creating default milestones and ticket on theme installation
– added changeset url metabox to add/edit changeset page
– added css class to tickets with priority taxonomy, can easy highlight important tickets
– reverted showing ticket details on archives pages

DEMO Page: