Codecanyon Booking System PRO v1.8 WordPress Plugin

Codecanyon Booking System PRO

Change log:

1.8 (2013-11-01)

* Add reservations in admin.
* Approving/canceling a reservation modifies the calendar data.
* Back End CSS bugs fixed.
* Custom Post Types bugs fixed.
* Edit unavailable days bug fixed.
* Front End CSS bugs fixed.
* Instant/Waiting approval display bug fixed.
* JavaScript in Admin Posts fixed.
* Localhost bugs fixed.
* Prices, deposits, discounts can have float values.
* Plugin paths updated.
* Reservations system has been completly modified.
* Select days from different months on front End Calendar bug fixed.
* Translation system has been updated.
* User management updated.
* Windows server mySQL text fields bug fixed.

1.7 (2013-07-31)

* Add calendars in widgets.
* Approve reservation bug fix.
* Back End style changes.
* Calendar ID is removed from clients notification emails.
* CSS bug fixes.
* Custom Post Type added.
* Date select is fixed when minimum amount of days is set.
* Datepicker bug fix, when you can select only one day.
* Drop Down Fields display correct selected option in Email.
* Hours info displayed on day hover.
* Major changes in hours logic and display.
* Newly created forms display correct after PayPal Payment.
* PayPal notification email content bug fix.
* Send email using normal function if SMTP is incorrect.
* Tables not created on Windows OS bug fixed.
* Text on Settings page has been changed.
* Translation for Check Fields added.
* User role is updated when is changed in WP admin.
* When hours are enabled days details can be set manually or set depending on hours details on that current day.
* WordPress update error fixed.



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The themes is available under the GPLV3 License. If you need support, please consider purchasing it directly from Themeforest.