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Using solid niche research, combined with pages optimized with this plugin, I can reliably predict how well my pages will rank before I ever press the publish button – and its 100% white hat!



I can do this because I’ve set each page up according to a meticulously developed and highly effective formula for on-page SEO that has taken me years of practice to perfect.

If you want to jump to the top of competitive niches with minimal to no backlinking, you need an edge.

Check out this unsolicited testimonial from Adria Richards impromptu poolside interview with a ClickBump SEO! owner who I’d never met before finding her video on YouTube…

From 22 total impressions to 22,000 and a top 20 ranking after using ClickBump SEO! to optimize her post for search!

It starts with solid on-page SEO. If you are already using ClickBump Engine, you have a huge advantage over most all of your competitors (especially those who don’t have it) in getting your pages ranked as high as possible as quickly as possible.

But if you want to ensure that your posts are reaching their maximum potential for outranking the competition, you need to fully maximize them. ClickBump SEO! ensures that you can do this, very quickly.

What’s unique about ClickBump SEO! that sets it apart from plugins like “All In One SEO” and SEOPressor?

Feature ClickBump SEO! SEOPressor
Owners Forum with over 3k registered users to share monetization & ranking best practices? YES no
LSI Matching ? YES no
LSI Highlighting ? YES no
Nofollow manager ? YES no
Theme aware ? YES no
nofollow cloaked links ? YES no
All processing done while editing the post/page ? YES no*
At a glance scoring from Posts/Page Manager ? YES no
SEO tweaks are retained after SEO! is disabled or removed from the site? YES no
Post/Page Scoring 0-100% YES YES
24/7 Award Winning Support & Owner’s Forum YES No
Cost $97$37 $97
*SEOPressor’s keyword decoration routine must process before the page can be delivered to the site visitor. ClickBump SEO! does all its processing when you save your post so your pages are delivered without delays.

For starters, many of these plugins create a drag on the site because they rewrite each and every page just before the end user, your customer, gets to see it. This results in a delay or “drag” on the server and affects the speed at which your pages are delivered to viewers. What’s worse, the more traffic you acquire from your hard earned efforts, the more pronounced this effect becomes.

This is especially true for SEOPressor since it has to run its routines, altering your post content with keyword decorations, before the server can send the finished page to the end user, and it has to do this on each and every page load, every time a user hits the page!

With ClickBump SEO! all of the processing for each post is done while you are editing the post, not just before a user sees your content. And it only has to be done ONCE, not each and every time the page is loaded!

So once you hit “Update” on the post/page editor, all of the SEO! suggestions are run on your content and you are done. What’s more, if you ever turn off ClickBump SEO!, your SEO optimizations stay with you. With Competing solutions like SEOPressor, many of your SEO tweaks disappear once you are finally forced to turn off the plugin or it conflicts with some other plugin you are running.

Comes with complete nofollow links management…

In addition to a custom “SEO! Settings” panel that allows you to manage all settings, including the ability to automatically add rel=”nofollow” to your external links, it also allows you to specify URL pattern matching for nofollow managment on your internal cloaked links like http://yoursite/recommends/hostgator/

But what really separates SEO! from the rest of the pack…

Now includes LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) Built Right Into the Software!

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI for short) is the secret sauce ingredient to getting and keeping your content at the top of the search engines. It has been hailed as one of the strongest indicators of a page’s ability to outrank and hold position against competing pages by respected SEO consultants such as Dr. Andy Williams, along with Lisa Parmley and numerous others.

ClickBump SEO! is the first SEO tool for WordPress to offer integrated LSI keyword suggestions right alongside the editor window. You simply click the “Get LSI” button and ClickBump SEO! automatically retrieves and displays the top ranked LSI keywords for your target keyphrase, in milliseconds, right alongside your content editor! You can drag and drop your selected LSI keywords right into the editor.

Each Post and Page is Analyzed for Critical On-Page SEO factors (some little known but highly effective secrets that are totally white hat) and given an SEO! Score from 0 to 100! You are then told exactly what to do to improve your score!

With ClickBump SEO!, you can get an instant SEO! Score for each of your pages and posts as you edit them.

The ClickBump SEO! Score is calculated using a skillfully refined algorithm that has been developed over years of research and trial and error with real world sites and Top 10 rankings in highly competitive niches.

The ClickBump SEO! panel sits right beside your page editor, providing valuable instant feedback on a variety of critical on-page SEO factors including:

  • Keyword Density Percentage (my algorithm provides your exact keyword density and scores your page accordingly)
  • Total Word Count. (Your page’s content must meet a minimum word count for maximum SEO potential)
  • Checks all the most critical on-page SEO factors including some you’ve likely never even considered that have a definite impact on your page’s ranking. The tool analyzes keyword placement and location within the text, as well as the exact markup needed to rank at the top of the search engine, including step by step instructions for every critical suggestion it provides. Its the closest thing to having an SEO expert optimizing every post and page on your site.
  • Allows you to easily update or change your page’s target keyword phrase without leaving the editor and automatically updates your SEO! Score against the keyword phrase.
  • Calculates your page’s overall SEO! Score and updates it each time you edit the page
  • Display’s each page’s SEO! keywords and SEO! Score on the Posts and Pages listings forat-a-glance analysis
  • Provides specific suggestions to improve your SEO! Score on each page.
  • Scores both posts AND pages right out of the box

ClickBump SEO! is ideally suited for the novice WordPress publisher or even the Web publishing expert who has little time to fully analyze each and every page. It automatically evaluates your post content and presents the results in an easy to read bulleted listing along with suggestions that you can immediately implement to improve your rankings and SEO! Score.

Quickly analyzes your page’s on-page SEO and provides instant results and optimizations that can be done immediately

As you can see from the above screenshot, the ClickBump SEO! panel provides a quick snapshot of your page’s on page SEO factors as well as specific suggestions on how to fix the problems and increase your rankings and SEO! Score. You will quickly be able to go from zero to 100 in a few minutes.

Adds your Keywords and SEO! Score for all posts and pages to your Posts and Pages listing so you know, at a glance, which ones need work.

ClickBump SEO! is a standard WordPress plugin that has been tested for compatibility with the latest WordPress release.

When you receive your download package, just unzip it and install it like any other WordPress plugin. It becomes active immediately for all your posts and pages. It even provides a handy addition to your Posts and Pages listing to see at a glance what each of your posts are doing in terms of keywords and SEO!


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