Hide My WP v2.0.1 – No one can know you use WordPress!

Hide My WP v2.0.1

Download Hide My WP 2.0.1 – No one can know you use WordPress!

With Hide My WP nobody can know you use WordPress! This not only greatly increases your security against hackers, bad written plugins, robots, spammers, etc. but it also allows you to have more beautiful URLs and better control over your WordPress.

Hide My WP Changelog:
– Improvement: Full WordPress 3.6 compatibility
– Feature: Replace, rename or hide any file or folder
– Feature: Simple page compression added
– Feature: Block access of CMS finders tools to pages (beta)
– Improvement: Change order of header info to hide WP better
– Improvement: Add xmlrpc.php to excerpt list by default
– Improvement: Cached CSS age extended to 3 days
– Improvement: Better description and messages for easier configuration
– Bug Fix: Scheduling problem for plugins like Backup Buddy was fixed
– Bug Fix: Preview button problem in new post page was fixed
– Bug Fix: Problem in full SSL websites was fixed
– Bug Fix: Notice message appear in update settings was fixed
– Minor changes


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The Hide My WP is available under the GPL V2 License. If you need support, please consider purchasing it directly from Codecanyon.