Justified Image Grid 1.6.2 Premium WordPress Gallery

Justified Image Grid 1.6.2 Premium WordPress Gallery

Codecanyon Justified Image Grid v1.6.2 Premium WordPress Gallery

v1.6.2 – August 26, 2013 – Bugfixes, maintaining NG2 compatibility

  • Bugfix: NextGEN tag galleries are not looking into other taxonomies other than ngg_tag resulting in a more consistent behavior (as they are looking into both term names and slugs, it sometimes matched a term from a non-NextGEN taxonomy)
  • Bugfix: NextGEN albums and galleries are detected better from the URL, they interfered with some custom taxonomy page views
  • Bugfix: NextGEN intersect tags feature now has a prevention for an unnecessary wrong DB query
  • Bugfix: Instagram names with a symbol in them caused settings loss or weird behavior, now they are stripped (this was supposed to be added in a previous update, somehow it got left out)
  • Updated NextGEN 2.0.14 compatibility: JIG takes over NG shortcodes properly
  • Added empty index.html files to every folder of the plugin to disallow directory browsing


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The plugin is available under the GPLV3 License. If you need support, please consider purchasing it directly from Codecanyon.