SabaiDirectory for WordPress 1.2.15

Codecanyon SabaiDirectory for WordPress

Codecanyon SabaiDirectory for WordPress v1.2.15


V1.2.15 – 23 AUGUST 2013

  • Bug Fixed: Several issues displaying shortcode content
  • Bug Fixed: Fatal error when entering invalid URL in URL form fields
  • Bug Fixed: Date field type displaying time even when time selection field is disabled
  • Bug Fixed: Fatal error when calling Entity_RenderField helper method to display custom fields
  • Added: Option to disable map
  • Added: Option to disable listing address field
  • Added: Option to disable location search
  • Added: New shortcode to display search form [sabai-directory-search-form]
  • Added: New constant SABAI_DIRECTORY_NO_GOOGLE_MAPS_API to disable loading Google Maps API library
  • Added: More missing phrases in language file


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The plugin is available under the GPLV3 License. If you need support, please consider purchasing it directly from Codecanyon.