Codecanyon Smart Cleanup Tools v4.0

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== Codecanyon Smart Cleanup Tools v4.0 Changelog ==
= 4.0 / 2013.09.18 =
* Added: one click cleanup from plugin front page
* Added: plugin now has own admin menu and submenus
* Added: panel for filtered data removal tools
* Added: removal – attachments with missing files
* Added: removal – attachments with missing parent posts
* Added: removal – attachments that are not attached
* Added: removal – missing post types posts
* Added: removal – missing taxonomies terms
* Added: removal – unassigned taxonomy terms
* Added: removal – all available taxonomy terms
* Improved: many improvements to the plugin interface
* Improved: more information added to various panels
* Improved: removal of Akismet data removes error records
* Changed: logs deletion moved from reset to logs panel
* Changed: comments related reset tools moved to removal
* Changed: main execution moved into own worker class
* Changed: admin interface controls moved into own class
* Updated: jQueryUI Timepicker 1.4
* Fixed: detection of the network specific database tables
* Fixed: deletion of log files for network


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The plugin is available under the GPLV3 License. If you need support, please consider purchasing it directly from Codecanyon.