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SmartBackup An intuitive backup manager nulled


SmartBackup is a highly configurable php application which automatically archives your website’s files and database (only MySQL for now). In addition to keeping the archives locally, it can export those archives to aFTP server and Dropbox account. You can also create multiple backup jobs which run at different intervals of time. You can specify a maximum number of backup archives to be kept (when a new one is made an old one is deleted) for each of your backup jobs. There are also email notifications!

You can decide when your backups are created using these options:

  • Every […] hours
  • Daily at […] o’clock
  • Every […] days at […] o’clock
  • Weekly at […day…] at […] o’clock
  • Monthly at […date…] at […] o’clock

SmartBackup is also able to restore your files/database from an archive with a single click. The interface is very intuitive and user-friendly.

You are not limited to backing up one folder or database. You can easily select more than one folder and exclude some subfolders if you want, and you can select multiple databases and exclude tables from the database backup.

The installation is easy and can be completed in just 2 minutes. There are also video tutorials and step-by-step guides in the documentation.

Requires PHP 5.2+, Cron jobs (almost every host has it), the ZipArchive and PDO extensions (they are installed by default on almost all hosting providers).


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