Social Gallery v2.2 WordPress Photo Viewer Plugin

Social Gallery WordPress Photo Viewer Plugin

Social Gallery is The Ultimate Social Lightbox for WordPress.

Social Gallery Plugin is a fantastic new way to engage visitors to your WordPress blog by adding the ultimate lightbox featuring social media buttons (Facebook like, Facebook Send, Pinterests ‘Pin it’, Twitters ‘Tweet This’ and now Linked In, Stumble Upon & Tumblr) as well as Facebook or Disqus Comments!


v2.2 – 28th March 2013 [Stable Release] – Performance fixes, Justified Image Grid Bug Fix and many more tweaks + additions

» Changed references of “get_bloginfo(‘wpurl’)” to “site_url()”
» Fixed a javascript bug in v2.1 with Justified Image Grid (JIG) titles
» Fixed a v2.0 bug which didn’t show/hide “specific css selector” option
» … on changing drop down selection
» Fixed a bug with Justified Image Grid (JIG) setup not working with
» … Justified Image Grid until whole page has loaded inc scripts.
» Fixed the performance issue which was causing slow-downs for large scale sites
» Removed “You have recently updated your settings, please crawl..”
» … prompt as it seems to not be helpful any longer
» Added functionality: Delete images from Social Gallery Library via “Image Library”
» Added functionality: “Admin Tools” tab on settings
» Added functionality: “Clear Image Library” – Advanced Admin Management function
» Added functionality: “Clear Scan History” – Advanced Admin Management function
» Added functionality: “Prompt to Download Images” – If enabled web site visitors
» … clicking “Download” on image – automatically get a prompt to “save file as…”
» Added functionality: On/Off switch for “Prompt to Download” setting
» Improved “Prompt to Download” – uses permalinks for each image download
» … to stop scrapers + prettify



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