MetroStore v1.1.0 E-commerce WordPress Themes

MetroStore v1.1.0 E-commerce WordPress Themes

Download MetroStore 1.1.0 E-commerce WordPress Themes by ColorLabs

The Metro UI is becoming more popular ever since Microsoft released Windows 8 and Windows Phone 7. Inspired by its simplicity and flat design, we released the MetroStore WordPress theme to please the eyes of Windows 8 fans. Among many others, flat colors and design are some of its great features. MetroStore is a great choice for you who runs an online magazine that also functions as an e-commerce site.

The color scheme of MetroStore may be modified as you like. You may also add an image and assign a color for every category post as you want. It is highly flexible, fully responsive and packed with awesome features. Whoever you are, whatever business you’re running, there’s no doubt that MetroStore will be the perfect magazine + e-commerce WordPress combo theme for you.

MetroStore is compatible with popular e-commerce plugins


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