Classifier v1.4.4 Classified Ad WordPress Themes[F]

Classifier Classified Ad WordPress Themes

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/**** Changelog ****/

“Please backup your theme pack files at first before you update the theme into the latest version”

2013.08.15 – Version 1.4.4
– File affected: theme-custom-forms.php
Fix: Order Fields at Custom Form

2013.08.14 – Version 1.4.3
– Files affected: sidebar-ad.php, /includes/sidebar-map.php
Fix: Fix the listing loop that caused sidebar map changed everytime the ad page refreshed.

2013.07.31 – Version 1.4.2
– Files affected: step1.php, step2.php, step3.php, template-add-new-confirm.php, sidebar-ad.php, functions.php
Add: Custom Form Editor and Custom Field Editor
– File added: sidebar-map.php
Files affected: sidebar-ad.php, theme-js.php, theme-options.php
Add: Google Map for single Ads
– File added: theme-cron.php
Files affected: theme-functions.php, theme-functions-cl.php, theme-options.php
Add: Cron Job for expired Ads
– Files affected: theme-functions.php, theme-functions-cl.php, theme-gateways.php, step1-membership.php, step2-membership.php, step3-membership.php, style.css
Fix: Minor bugs
– Files affected: style.css
Add: Integration with Buddypress plugin


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