Invitora v1.3.5 Event Invitation WordPress Themes

Invitora v1.3.5 Event Invitation WordPress Themes

Download Colorlabsproject Invitora 1.3.5 Event Invitation WordPress Themes

Before the bride walks down the aisle, before the centerpieces have been placed, before the programs have been passed, it’s the invitation that truly sets the tone for your event.

Celebrate the happiness that friends and families are always giving. Invite them online to share your wonderful life moments. All made easy by Invitora, an event invitation WordPress theme.

Through fonts and colors and shape and size, the invitation is the first glimpse into all the lovely your lucky guests are in for. That gorgeous piece of stationery can speak volumes through its design, and we thought we would show you some lovely invitation inspiration for you.

Meet Invitora, a design for event announcement and invitation WordPress theme. It is made as a one-page site where navigation and left-side section stays when you scroll down, so it won’t turn out that long. Having website for your events will help to make planning them easier and more fun by allowing you to use social media to share the details, stories, images and videos before and after the event.


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