DataLife Engine v9.8 UTF8 English+Russian Nulled

Download DLE 9.8 – Engine DataLife Engine 9.8 you can in the news on our web-site “All for Dle” without registration and clean as it is, the developers have completed testing a new version and you can read a summary or the full news all that waits the new version. For those who have asked:

What is DLE DataLife Engine?
or is updated to the new version? Additionally prepared very important links to articles for beginners, where you can learn how the – Setting DLE engine (for hosting or your computer at home), installation template, module, hack Dle to remove undesired module etc. all of these questions, you can as well find the answers in the news or on the website. now possible without registration

Download DataLife Engine 9.8 Final UTF-8
DLE 9.8 you can download and learn to add, which is quite a lot. For example, the errors have been corrected, additional tags, improved additional fields, all hacks that many authors have developed for older versions are now embedded in the DataLife Engine v.9.8 Final Release, there was full support for browser IE10. To the most recent releases have been updated various frameworks, enhanced new features custom display Content tag {custom}, etc. Well, if you want with pictures of all the innovations produced by developers SoftNews Media Group read with more complete information, the press more.