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Launch Your Products Like the Gurus

It’s as Easy as Click, Click … PROFIT!

Smart marketers know that the best way to maximise sales is to do a product launch.  A buzz building extravaganza, which makes you the center of attention and culminates in a buying frenzy.

It’s a proven way to improve your authority in your niche, increase conversions and put more money in your pocket.

If only there was a way to do that without all the complicated setup and planning…

A way to jump straight to the sales explosion…

Straight to the money…

Presenting Digi Launch Pad Nulled
The Most Powerful WordPress Launch Theme

Digi Launch Pad Nulled is the result of months of hard work.  Trial and error.  Development and testing.  With just one single goal in mind…

To bring you the most powerful and yet easiest to use product launch system ever developed.

We wanted to put the power of a launch into the hands of everyone.

And if you give me just two minutes, I’ll show you how we’ve done just that…

EZ Editor

A product launch shouldn’t require you to have a master’s degree in graphic design or spend three years on a web development course.  You’re a marketer and you want to spend time on the important stuff like making money!

With our EZ Editor you can point, click and type your way to a professional product launch without any of the normal headaches.

Digi Launch Pad Nulled comes with proven, high conversion templates and a WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) editor.  So you create your content using a Microsoft Word like interface and DLP takes care of the rest.

And we don’t just stop there…

Digi Launch Pad Nulled also comes with 10 built in themes so you can match it to your colour preferences with just a couple of clicks!

And the “EZ Testimonial” button – That turns any text into a beautifully formatted and highlighted testimonial box in just a single click.

Just like this …

I’ve done a lot of product launches in my life but they’ve always involved some sort of drama. Well, they wouldn’t be proper product launches without the last minute suprises!

When Andy told me the DigiResult’s team had simplified it so much, I was really skeptical.  But then I discovered that Digi Launchpad was based on WordPress… my favourite blogging platform.

There’s literally no easier way to assemble all the components of a successful product launch than Digi Launch Pad Nulled.

John Taylor


I was looking for launch software or a theme for a while. Looked at Kajabi, Subhub, WP Launch Theme and finally Digi Launch Pad Nulled. I chose Digi Launch because it is a stand alone theme and no monthly fee, and the ease of setting up pages with no HTML. Once I learned what I was doing, it now takes about a minute to setup any kind of page (pre-launch, sales, thankyou, etc). Andy even helped me resolve a tech issue with another piece of software I added to it.

If you want a great launch system, I highly recommend this one and plan to use it for all my upcoming launches.

Christian Fager

Video is the Future

There’s more to Digi Launch Pad Nulled than the easiest launch editor in the industry…

We’ve also got the easiest video setup in the industry too…

Every single template included in Digi Launch Pad Nulled is video ready.

Copy and paste the video location and click update.  Done.

Doesn’t matter whether the video is on YouTube, your own server or Amazon S3.  Digi Launch Pad Nulled will take care of everything.

It’ll work in all the major browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) and all the mobile alternatives too (including iPad and iPhone).  So it doesn’t matter how your prospects view your site.  You know they are watching.

EZ Squeezy!

At DigiResults we got fed up with complicated auto responder configuration just to be able to send out emails.  So thought we’d solve the problem once and for all…

And built the solution right into our EZ Squeeze Page Editor.

No messing around with PHP.  No getting confused with CSS.

Just copy and paste and you’ll have your high conversion squeeze page pulling in optins faster than ever before.


Be more Sociable … it pays!

The best kind of traffic comes from word of mouth.  When your prospects love your stuff so much they spread the word.

Wouldn’t it be handy if you made that super easy for them to do…

Wouldn’t it be great if people could tell their friends on Facebook, Twitter and literally DOZENS of other social media websites in just a couple of clicks.

Well good news, they can!

Turn on the Digi Launch Pad Nulled EZ Social Bar (requires just a single click) and your prospects can start promoting your launch for you straight away.

Imagine how much more traffic you’d get if every comment on your launch appeared on people’s Facebook profiles as well as the page they were posted on!

Turn on the EZ Facebook comments (requires a Facebook account) and you have a viral commenting experience … right there on any page you want.

What do you get?

  • EZ Editor – Point, click and type your way to professional looking pages in a matter of minutes.
  • EZ Squeeze – No complicated autoresponder setup.  Just copy, paste, click config and you’ll have a high converting squeeze page set to go.  That means a bigger list and more people to show your offers to.
  • EZ Prelaunch – Creating a time release prelaunch sequence couldn’t be easier.  Just tell DLP when to make your content available and it’ll do the rest.  This is the easiest way to capture the attention of your market and build them up into a buying frenzy for launch day.
  • EZ Sales – Show the sales page on launch day and watch the orders flood in … your customers don’t need to know that you created it in just a few minutes with the EZ Editor.
  • EZ Legal – Click, click, covered.  Setup all your privacy policy, terms or anything else with our easy to use template and have them displayed on any page you want.
  • EZ Pages – And if you want to create other pages you can create one time offer pages, thank you pages and anything else you can think of in just a few clicks.
  • EZ Template – Proven, high conversion templates.  The end result of months of meticulous split testing so you know it’ll work for you.
  • EZ Theme – Easily match your product colours with one of our 10 high value colour themes.
  • EZ Theme Pro – If you want to use your own graphics you can upload them in just a few clicks.  And for the pros you can even design your own colour scheme graphics and customise the entire look and feel.
  • EZ Video – Every page template includes a video option.  Check the box, tell DLP where the video is and it’ll take care of the rest.  Use a YouTube video for simplicity or host your own (even using Amazon S3 for large scale launches).
  • EZ Viral – It takes just one click to turn on the best kind of traffic there is … word of mouth.  Activate the social media bar and let your prospects spread the word for you.  Turn on Facebook comments and let people engage with you right there on your sales page.
  • EZ Testimonial – Social proof is one of the biggest factors in people’s decisions.  With our EZ Testimonial system you highlight the text, click the testimonial button and DLP provides a professional testimonial box, drawing your customer’s attention to it and increasing sales.

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