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The s2Member® Framework is an extremely versatile and powerful (free) membership management plugin for WordPress®. The s2Member® Framework plugin integrates seamlessly with PayPal® Standard Buttons (very easy), and fully supports recurring billing, with the ability to track affiliate commissions on a recurring basis (through your choice of many affiliate platforms). s2Member® supports custom Pages for registration; including Custom Registration/Profile Fields, account access, and a whole lot more! See expanding features below.

Install the s2Member® plugin today for an instant membership solution, and completely free!

PayPal® Standard Button Integration

PayPal® Pro Form Integration (Most Popular)

Authorize.Net® Pro Form Integration (Also Popular)

Google Checkout® Button Integration

ClickBank® Button Integration

Membership Functionalities

Content Restriction Functionalities

File Download Restriction Functionalities

Mass Update and Import/Export Functionalities

Plugins and Widgets for s2Member®

Mailing List Functionalities

Affiliate Management and Tracking Compatibilities

Social Networking and Forum Compatibilities

Developer-Friendly Features

Multisite Networking Functionalities

Download s2member Framework plugin [Free Version]

s2Member® Pro is a professional (and extremely versatile) membership management solution for WordPress®.

This premium WordPress® membership plugin is a paid upgrade for the s2Member® Framework, which is free.

s2Member® Pro comes pre-integrated with additional payment gateways. PayPal® Pro integration is the most popular, allowing your site to accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, Maestro/Solo (from UK shoppers). Customers never leave your site! s2Member® Pro Forms also support PayPal® Express Checkout; for customers who prefer to pay with PayPal®.

Enjoy the financial benefits of on-site credit card processing with s2Member’s PayPal® Pro Forms, PayPal® Pro Form Generators, Authorize.Net® AIM/ARB integrations (also w/ Pro Forms), Google® Checkout, ClickBank®, advanced User Import/Export tools, Pro Form Coupon Codes, Pro Login Widgets (plus Profile Summary) and other enhancements; such as support for UNLIMITED Membership Levels and custom Thank-You pages.

Everything that works in the free version of s2Member®, continues to work in s2Member® Pro. Site owners benefit from the additional tools and features made available by this upgrade, without completely re-designing their site or learning something entirely new all over again. s2Member® Pro Forms even support WordPress® Shortcodes, making on-site credit card processing easier than ever — Anyone can do this! ~ Best of all, s2Member® Pro is affordable.


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