Easy Content Types for WordPress Plugin

Easy Content Types for WordPress Plugin

Easy Content Types provides an extremely easy to use and intuitive interface for creating custom post types, taxonomies, and meta boxes.

This is the best custom post type plugin and will completely remove the difficult task of manually creating custom post types, taxonomies, and meta boxes.

Custom Post Types in Seconds

With Easy Content Types simple-to-use interface, you can create many different custom post types in just seconds. Simply choose the options you want enabled for your post type, enter a name and click “Add Post Type”. It’s that easy.

Custom post types make it exceptionally easy to create advanced organization schemes for your website. Have a movie or book review site? Place all of your reviews into a “Reviews” section, instead of a non-intuitive “reviews” category under Posts.

Custom Taxonomies to Organize and Sort Your Custom Post Types

Much like the built-in Categories and Tags, custom taxonomies allow you to define an organization within your custom post types. In just seconds you can add a “Genres” category to your movies or books review website and “categorize” all reviews into their correct Genres. It works just like the regular categories, but is so much better because you get to define the exact name your taxonomy uses.

Taxonomies can be used to organize the display of your content on the front-end of your website as well, they are not just for administration. This means that your website becomes much easier to navigate for your users!

Meta Boxes and Custom Post Meta Fields

Meta Boxes allow you to add additional information sections to your post editor. Going back to the reviews example, this means that you could easily have a section with fields for “author name”, “publication date”, “rating”, publisher”, etc. These fields can be created in just seconds and there are many types to choose from, including text inputs, drop down menus, radio buttons, check boxes, and more.

The custom meta fields can be used to display additional information, or used (if you’re a developer) to control aspects of your layout in your theme files. They are extremely powerful, and so simple to use.

For Developers and non Developers Alike

Easy Content Types has been built with developers and regular users both in mind, and has been optimized to be as easy to use as possible. It does everything for you, from registering the post types, setting up the menu icons, creating meta box fields, saving data, and even automatically creating theme template files (based off of existing theme files).

If you are not a developer, then you will love how much power and control this plugin gives you; if you are a developer, then you will absolutely fall in love with how Easy Content Types does all the heavy lifting for you. Forget about writing lines and lines of code to setup your post types, taxonomies, and meta boxes: Easy Content Types does it all for you.

Integrates perfectly with the WordPress Interface

Easy Content Types has been designed to fit perfectly into the core WordPress design. All aspects of the admin utilize stylesheets and other assets provide by WordPress core. This means that when WordPress’s UI is updated, so is Easy Content Types.


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Current version:2.6.8