Events Calendar Pro v3.1 for WordPress

Events Calendar Pro for WordPress

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=Events Calendar Pro v3.1 =

* Recurring events can now display more than once in the search results, main blog loop, and other queries that contain multiple post types (thanks to user Darren for the original report!)
* Added a setting for hiding related events (thanks to those on UserVoice who requested this!)
* Fixed error that occurred when ordering the admin listing by venue or organizer (thanks to Bernhard for reporting this!)
* Fixed bug where the Events Calendar title would take over all the pages on the site
* Month view and the mini calendar widget will no longer link to Day view if Day view is disabled
* GEO, CATEGORY, and ATTACH fields added to the iCal feed
* Fixed z-index bug with the recurrence dialog box in the WordPress 3.6 post editor
* Fixed bug where the option to filter the admin Events list by recurrence wasn’t working
* Fixed bug where sometimes an event entered at the end of the month wouldn’t show on the mini calendar widget
* Fixed intermittent display errors with Photo view
* Fixed two PHP errors on the admin events list
* Fixed incorrect “No results” message after a keyword search on week view
* Updated translations: Brazilian Portuguese (new), Turkish (new), Norwegian Dutch, Icelandic, Greek, Finnish
* Various minor bug and security fixes

= 3.0.5 =

* Fixed issue with the ECP stylesheet being enqueued twice
* Fixed recurring events links in the calendar widget (Thanks to user JANPP for the report!)

= 3.0.4 =

* CSS files in the tribe-events directory of your theme are now loaded in addition to ECP css files, instead of replacing them
* Performance improvements to the plugin update engine
* Improved handling of international characters in iCal exports (thanks to PAUSSUS for catching this)
* Various bug fixes to the Events List and Events Calendar widgets
* Improved location search results (thanks to BISDIGITAL for getting the discussion going on this)
* Addressed some previously non-translatable strings in the Tribe Bar

= 3.0.3 =

* Fixed bug with hard-coded table prefixes
* Made some strings in tribe bar translatable

= 3.0.2 =

* Fixed bug with events not showing up on past view (thanks to MY-WEB and GOLFDAWGG for pointing this out!)
* Miscellaneous bug fixes



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