WP Feedback, Survey & Quiz Manager – Pro v2.1.0 [F]

WP Feedback, Survey & Quiz Manager - Pro

FSQM, is a WordPress plugin which can help you collect Feedbacks, Surveys or host Quizes in your WordPress Blog. Using it, you can create unlimited forms with custom themes and collect user submissions. All user submissions are stored inside the database which you can analyze, edit and/or print. The user can also track/see their submission (obviously if you wish to) through a page.

= Version 2.1.0 =
* Complete rewrite of code
* Please follow the update instruction carefully

= Version 1.0.3 =
* Fixed: Miscalculated others count on report page
* Added: Now the survey report shows “Other” entries made by users
* Added: Now the complete submission can be mailed to the admin
* Added: Sending notifications to users can now be disabled by entering empty value to Notification Email under Form Customization Options
* Added: Now admin can limit number of submissions per IP Address
* Updated: Improved JavaScript for admin pages, mainly on Add New Form page
* Updated: Year of copyright notice
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