Codecanyon Fullwidth Audio Player v1.1.31 WordPress plugin[F]

Fullwidth Audio Player - WordPress plugin

1.1.31 – 14.8.2013

  • Fixed: When sorting the mp3 tracks in the mp3 directory page, the sort order was not correct

1.1.3 – 9.8.2013

  • MP3 directory: Upload your MP3 files to a directory on your web server and add them easily to your existing playlist. Artist, title and cover will be grabbed from the ID3 tags of your MP3 file.
  • New Shortcode Creator: Now you can easily set tracks via shortcodes, you do not need to create a track post first
  • New shortcode for adding a Clear button to your content area for removing all tracks from the playlist
  • Now you can use tracks from
  • Tracks from soundcloud groups are supported
  • Bottom player and pop-up player are working on iPad
  • New options to store the users playlist in the browser, so when he comes back to the website, he will see the same playlist since the last visit
  • Now you can enable/disable the playlist loop via options
  • You can chouice between 2 layouts: ‘fullwidth’ and ‘boxed’
  • Option to add the player only to the front-page
  • When using the enqueue option for tracks, you can set a custom text for the button


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