Ultimate WordPress Price Comparison Plugin

Displaying price comparisons in WordPress is complex and expensive … that is until now!

How would you like to be able to display affiliate products from MULTIPLE Affiliate Networks in a price comparison format?

Below are some examples of some simple SEARCH ENGINE FRIENDLY price comparisons which we created quickly and easily with CompariPress and inserted into our WordPress posts/pages


Ultimate WordPress Price Comparison Plugin


With CompariPress there are:

  • NO Monthly Subscriptions
  • NO Multiple Datafeed Plugins
  • NO External Services And Servers


CompariPress installs just like any other WordPress plugin and in just a couple of minutes you can have your first price comparison unit displayed on your website.

It’s a simple 3 part proccess …


Part 1 – Installing CompariPress

Step 1: Install And Activate The CompariPress Plugin

Installing and activating the plugin takes around 30 seconds to do. Either install via your FTP software or by using the built in WordPress plugin installer to upload and activate the CompariPress plugin.


Step 2: Choose Your Style And Configuration Options

CompariPress boasts many advanced options which enable you to have full control over the look and feel of your price comparison units as well as the products you wish to display.

Just a small handful of the main and style configuration options include:

  • Choose your Affiliate Networks
  • Change the size, colors, buttons and width of your price comparison units
  • Display merchant logos and product thumbnail images
  • Automatically refresh product prices on a daily basis
  • Cloak your image links and product affiliate links (SEO Friendly)

Part 2: Creating A Price Comparison

Step 1: Enter Your Keywords For Your Product Price Comparison

CompariPress allows you to enter positive and negative keywords, as well as being able to use the “OR” operator, meaning you can fully refine results you choose to display.

Select the pieces of information you wish to include or exclude from your comparison e.g. product thumbnails, merchant logos, product titles etc.

Step 2: Choose From Additional Options To Refine Your Results

If you wish, you can further refine your results by entering a minium price, maximum price, Amazon category and Linkshare category.



Step 3: Select And Save Your Products

Select ONLY the products YOU want to display, in your WordPress page or post, from the returned product selection.

Save your settings and your newly created price comparison until will automatically appear on the page or post you assigned it to.

Part 3: View Your Price Comparison Unit

View your newly created price comparison unit as well as change any styles and settings as you wish within the admin area.

The following 5 price comparisons were created just by modifying a few of the in-built settings, you can see a live price comparison on our demo website:


All of the above are easy to achieve when you start using the premium CompariPress package today.



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