WordPress WriteAgain! V3.x nulled – Rewrite all Articles

Nowadays, there are many article rewriters available on net which simply rewrite the content using synonymous without keeping the original meaning and the grammar of the sentence/article intact. This makes the output article totally unreadable to the visitor.

To counter this problem, I have made a WordPress plugin –WriteAgain!, which rewrites the article keeping the original meaning and grammar of the article intact. I have tried my best to make the rewritten content as readable as possible without loosing its meaning. WordPress WriteAgain! v1.0 is the most advanced rewriter made till date.

Q) What is the use of this plugin?

Basically this plugin is made for people already having blogs filled with copied or scraped content and with blogs using Auto content generators so as to make all the copied contentS unique and GENERATE TONS OF UNIQUE CONTENT = MORE TRAFFIC = MORE INCOME!!

Q) Will the rewriter rewrite the content keeping the grammar in mind??Will the rewritten content be readable to the visitors and will it make sense??

The rewritten content will make sense but not as much as it would have if the content was written by a human. Therefore the rewritten content would be atleast 60-70% understandable. I can guarantee that there is no other rewriter available which can beat WriteAgain!

Q) How do I install it?

To install it follow these steps:

1. Upload the “WriteAgain!” folder to the plugins directory OR use the WordPress Admin Panel/Dashboard to upload the plugin’s .zip file and install it.
2. Activate the plugin from the WordPress Dashboard.
3. Enter you WriteAgain! License key, under WriteAgain! Configuration
4. That’s it!! All your contents are now rewritten and unique!
5. To see all WriteAgain! options, go to “WriteAgain!” under settings in the Wordpess Admin Panel.

Q) How do I revert back to my original articles/posts?

This plugin doesn’t change the contents on your server, so if at any time you feel like reverting back to your original content, you can just deactivate the plugin and all your posts will go back to their original state.

Q) Can I use it with Auto Bloggers/ Auto Content Generators?

Yes, WriteAgain! will work will Auto Content Generators.

Q) What if I don’t want some words to be rewritten?

Just put them in the words.txt file and you’re done!

Q) What if I don’t want a particular post to be rewritten?

You may want not to rewrite particular posts/articles which are unique or written by you, in this case all you have to do is add <DONTREWRITE> tag into your posts (in the HTML) and they will be ignored by the WriteAgain!.

Q) I’m a v1.0/v2.0 buyer, will I get v3 for free?

Yes, you will get v3.0 for free. All v1,2 buyers should receive the v3 download link in your Paypal ids with which you paid. PM me with your paypal email if you don’t receive the v2 d/l link.

New Features in V3.0

+ New User Friendly Admin Interface
+ Rewrite Titles
+ Rewrite Comments
+ Change Titles To Uppercase
+ Search Orignal Word or Synonym
+ Edit/Replace Synonym
+ Delete/Remove Word & Synonym
+ Add New Synonym:
+ Don’t Rewrite HOME Page:
+ Use “Words.txt” File to filter keywords you don’t want to be rewritten (you can add all your keywords in this)
+ Ability to add a list of words and synonyms from a .csv file
+ Easy way to manage/handle/add/remove the DONTREWRITE tag
+ Many bug fixes as reported by the users


Demo Page: